Home News This is an open letter to all Republican voters in Pickaway County.

This is an open letter to all Republican voters in Pickaway County.


There is strife and division within the party. You see it at the national level, you see it at the state level,
and unfortunately, it’s also here in the Pickaway County Republican Central Committee.
There are many issues that need to be addressed regarding the Pickaway County Central Committee
such as the toxic leadership, violation of the bylaws, and lack of strategic planning for important
elections. However, the purpose of my letter is to address the official vote recently taken by the
Committee to close the meetings to anyone not already elected or appointed to the committee. That
means, you, Republican voters, are not allowed to sit in the meetings to see what is going on in the
party. The leadership and their voting block of like-minded “Republicans” will tell you they do not want
the democrats to come in and hear our strategy. I have been a member of the Central Committee since
2016, (first, as an at-large member and now, as an elected member representing the Monroe Township
Precinct) and trust me we do not discuss anything that is at such a secret level that you, the Republican
voter, should be locked out of the meeting.
And to make matters worse, the committee turns away people who are interested in joining the
committee! People concerned about the direction of the country, who want to be involved; they are
told to leave!
For the first time in anyone’s memory there are candidates running in all 43 precincts in the county for
the Republican Central Committee. I believe you, as a voter, should take the time to find out who is
running in your precinct and contact those people and ask how they feel about free and open Central
Committee meetings. Do they support keeping the doors closed to county Republican voters or not?
And then show up at the April 25 th 2024 meeting (the first one after the upcoming election) and see if
you can get in.
The surrounding counties allow free and open Republican Central Committee meetings with the public
engaging in the conversations and nothing evil has happened to them. And nothing drastic happened
when ours were open, either.
This is your Republican Central Committee so stand up and be heard!!!!
At the June 29, 2023, meeting (one of only 11 meetings held in the last two years), the following
members voted to officially close the Central Committee to anyone but committee members: Fred
Mavis (Circleville 1-A), Todd Brady (Circleville 3-A), Brad Schneider (Circleville 3-B), Dave Winner
(Circleville 4-B), Mike Witten (Circleville North), Rich Elsea (Circleville South), Colton Henson (Ashville
East), Grant Davis (South Bloomfield – South), Ronde Brushart (Harrison Township), Gary Scherer
(Southern Point), Sandy Darby (Scioto South), Harold Henson (Walnut West), Bill Richards (Wayne
Township), Gary Montgomery (Pickaway East), and Aaron Adams (Salt Creek South).
All of the above, with the exception of Harold Henson, Todd Brady, and Bill Richards, are running for
reelection. You may want to ask these people why they are afraid of free and open meetings. Having
the Republican voters’ input is how we grow the party. Closing meetings to voters and cancelling
meetings for no reason is no way to grow the party.
Carl Fuller