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Former Circleville Mayor Mcllroy Resigns from Council

Mayor Mcllroy addressing city council

Circleville – The former Mayor of Circleville who said that he would not run for another term but ran for Council has officially resigned from his newly elected position.

Don Mcllroy was elected to the 2nd ward position on Circleville City Council last year, he ran unopposed for the position. After serving for just a few days on the council and missing the swearing-in ceremony the former Mayor sent an official letter to Barry Keller President of the Council.

“Mr. Keller, Please accept this email as my resignation from Circleville City Council representing the 2nd¬†Ward. I appreciate the confidence the voter had in me by electing me to City Council. Unfortunately, I will be unable to fulfill the duties I have been elected to.¬†Regards, Donald R. McIlroy”

During the Service committee meeting on Tuesday night, President Barry Keller said, “This is the first public meeting that we have had. Today I received news that Don Mcllroy has resigned from the City Council. 2nd ward seat, I have notified the rest of the city council. Along with that process, I notified the Republican Central Committee Chairperson Mike Witten. He is now aware we have a vacancy.”

Republican Central Committee Chairperson Mike Witten said that they will follow the Ohio Revised Code in selecting Dons Replacement to fill the second ward vacancy created by Don’s resignation.

According to the Ohio revised code section 731.43, “when the office of a member of the legislative authority of a city becomes vacant either because a member ceases to hold the office before the end of the member’s term or because a member-elect fails to take office, the vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term by a person chosen by the residents of that city who are members of the county central committee of the political party by which the last occupant of that office or the member-elect was nominated. If the vacancy occurs in the office of a ward representative in a city where the political party which nominated the last occupant of that office is organized into a city controlling committee with more than one member from the ward where the vacancy exists, the members of the city controlling committee representing that ward shall choose the person to fill the vacancy.

(C) Not less than five nor more than forty-five days after a vacancy occurs, the specified members of the city or county committee shall meet to make an appointment to fill the vacancy. At least four days before the date of such meeting the chairperson or secretary of the city or county committee shall notify each committee member eligible to vote on filling the vacancy by first class mail of the date, time, and place of the meeting and its purpose. A majority of all eligible committee members constitutes a quorum, and a majority of the quorum is required to make the appointment. If election to the office so vacated took place at a nonpartisan election, or if the office was occupied by, or was to be occupied by a person not nominated at a primary election, or if the appointment was not made by the committee members in accordance with this section, the vacancy shall be filled in the same manner as a vacancy in the legislative authority of a village, as provided in this section.”