Home News Thirteen Killed Over Christmas Holiday on Ohio Roads

Thirteen Killed Over Christmas Holiday on Ohio Roads


COLUMBUS – According to provisional statistics, 13 people were killed on Ohio roadways this Christmas holiday.

During the four-day reporting period, from Friday, December 23, at 12 a.m. until Monday, December 26, at 11:59 p.m., 13 people were killed in seven fatal crashes. Of the 13 killed this year, impairment was a factor in one crash.

Troopers removed 56 impaired drivers from Ohio’s roads during the holiday, while citing 14 for distracted driving and 21 for drugs.

In 2019, there were 12 people killed, which ran from December 24 to 25. In 2021, there were 10 fatal crashes which killed 10 people during the four-day holiday period. Last year’s reporting period ran from Thursday, December 23 through Sunday, December 26.

The public is encouraged to continue using #677 to report dangerous or impaired drivers, as well as drug activity. A statistical analysis of the Patrol’s enforcement activity over the holiday is included in this report