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The Pumpkin Spider is Seen More Around Halloween


OHIO – The marbled orb weaver is a colorful orb-weaver species, and it comes out for Halloween.

The Orb-Weaver is a colorful species its coloring can be bright orange, with a mixture of lighter orange and beige, bright yellow with black and pale yellow.

The females in Ohio are known for their bright Halloween colors, lets are sometimes candy corn colored. She is seen more during October because she is swelling with orange baby eggs and looking for a place to lay them before frost when she will die and her eggs will overwinter and hatch in the spring.

Females are larger than males in this class, and no one really knows why. Like most spiders, they catch flying insects and eat them. They are not dangerous to humans.

So if you see this Pumpkin spider out, shes just dressed up for Halloween