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The Chase for Circleville Council, Do You Know Who to Vote For?


CIRCLEVILLE – Here is a list of candidates for Circleville City Council broken down by wards and statements from the candidates themselves.

First Ward: Zachary Brooks and Julie Strawser

Julie Strawser, a current Council member said, “Im running for a second term for City Council because I feel it takes a little bit of time to feel comfortable in the council position, I’ve had two years to do that.  I’m also interested in the Main Street Program, the revitalization of downtown, and I want to see that through.  We are having the Main Street Program to come in November and I want to be part of that when they do come.  These are my primary reasons for running.”

Zack Brooks, is a nineteen year old graduate of Circleville High School.

“I just want to let people know that I believe I can be a positive change for a better future. I think it’s necessary for younger people to get involved, and I hope to be the first of many to step up and make an impact on our community.”

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Fourth Ward: Jessica Bowers and Sheri Theis 

Jessica Bowers is the current council person for fourth ward.  Jessica is running as a write in.

“I was born and raised here in Circleville, graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Social Work and graduated from The Ohio State University with a Masters in Social Work.  After graduation, I decided Circleville was home and moved back.  I was appointed the 4th ward council seat 6 months ago which has provided me a wealth of knowledge on how meetings are held, the process of developing and passing ordinances, and ability to ask questions and provide input and feedback.  If elected, I will make progress in achieving the community’s goals of: creating a safe community by working with CDP in developing a neighborhood watch program, increasing growth in both activities and services in the community by working with administration and various committees on space (existing and future) for sports and other types of recreation and future developments.  I am a firm believer in asking questions and not afraid to ask the “why”.  It is important to know where we are, where we are going, and how we are going to get there. Your vote is important,  please write in my name Jessica Bowers for 4th ward Councilperson.”

Sheri Theis

Sheri Theis is currently running for Fourth ward.

“I grew up in Circleville, and i am the forth generation of the forth ward.  My great-grandparents moved to our home on Pickaway Street in 1913.  I graduated from Circleville High School, then graduated from Ohio State University, then came back home married my high school sweetheart.  I became interested in 2014 when Circleville formed the Charter Commission i was one of  12 people to serve.  to study the structure and functions of city government and to charter how to make the city function more efficiently and effectively.  I didn’t know that the City of Circleville is a twenty million dollar operation, thats a lot of responcability.  We are blessed to have some great people running the town now, and i hope to get the opportunity to serve with them.  If elected i will develop strategies to help Circleville with growth and development.  We need to build on our hometown heritage, and strengthen our small businesses.  The downtown area is in the process of revitalization and the city council needs to support this one hundred percent.  We are already in process of fixing the roads and we need to make sure this continues.  Ted Louis Park will also be a priority of mine, we just need to find the funding for the next phase of improvements.  I also am in support of the the opening of the community arts center in the wing of Everts building, as we need to have more programs for our children to be involved in,  great places to go, and fun things to do.”

At Large positions (Three available): Bob Bensonhaver, Michelle Blanton, Todd Brady and Tom Spring.

Bob Bensonhaver is currently a council member. Bensonhaver is a write-in candidate.

I agreed to run again because I enjoy working for the community and their concerns.  Circleville is in a position to grow, and I want to be a part of that.  Watching Ohio Christian University grow and being a part of that has been a great honor.  I feel i have the experience to be back on city council again.”

Tom Spring is currently an at large councilman seeking reelection.

“Tom Spring is seeking re-election to Circleville Council to improve quality of life for our residents and to create a more desirable community in which to work, play, socialize, shop, and raise a family. Spring is an attorney with a master’s degree in public policy and management.

Spring wants to improve the budgetary framework that hamstrings the ability to maintain or improve services, efficiency and effectiveness.  Partnerships with other local governments and private organizations can enable a community to accomplish more than either party can acting alone.  

He also wants the city to fulfill the promise it made to residents to spend funds voters approved for parks, not just streets.  Parks and recreation are necessary for successful economic development.  

Spring would like to continue to work for a unified vision for downtown.  Current initiatives include a Main Street program for economic revitalization, a downtown renovation district to fund investment, and a vacant building registry to return empty buildings to productive uses.  

Spring also encourages more citizen engagement.  Citizens have rallied around the business incubator, hospital improvements, education and a community center.  The community should revisit the comprehensive plan and develop master plans for downtown and citywide parks and recreation.”

Michelle Blanton

Michelle Blanton is currently running for an at-large position.

Hi. My name is Michelle L. Blanton. I am seeking election to this office because I have a passion for this community, its people and how we are perceived by visitors. I want to give back to the community that has given to my family and me for the last 12 years. I believe I would bring a new perspective to city council by asking and understanding why we operate a certain way. We are at a unique moment in history where partnerships are being utilized all throughout our society to improve services to those who live around us. I’d like to see us develop these partnerships to accomplish some projects that seem out of our reach. The ultimate goal is to help the citizens of Circleville re-discover their passion for one another and our community through fostering unity to make this the safest and greatest place to call home.”

Todd Brady

Todd Brady is also running for at-large. “I am Todd Brady, and I’m running for Circleville City Council At-Large. I’ve served on council six years and worked to remove the commuter tax that served to push people out of Circleville into those communities they worked in, with success. I have some idea’s on how to increase the recreational opportunities for children and families in our City. I plan to have a safe connection for our citizen’s to enjoy their Park at Mary Virginia. I’d love to see a path connecting it also with A.W. Marion State Park, as well. I know that Park’s and lots of Recreational activities draws more corporations and small businesses into OUR area. We have the new school’s, infrastructure, and now we need more people. When we have more people here, I know more businesses will come. Government can’t build movie houses, bowling alleys, or skating rinks. It can only encourage people to stay in the community and do business in it. Circleville is ripe for growth if you look back on it’s history.  I feel its been breathing out and it’s starting to breathe in new growth. I’d like to see a new road over the Norfolk railroad and under US 23. Dream big and a few just might be experienced, “I am”. I’ve been working to pass the Pickaway County Parks and Trails levy which would help us make connections to our town that wouldn’t  happen otherwise. Thank you for your valuable time, and please, vote.”


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