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Teays Valley Aims For More Athletic Upgrades in 2021

photo: Teays Valley

TEAYS VALLEY – Last year the Teays Valley football field received new turf and that was part of the plan for enhancements to the athletic field now the school sets its sights on a Field House.

According to a press release from the school four years ago the Teays Valley Board of Education set some goals when it came to the athletic department to enhance their program by upgrading some of the facilities that were, “lacking.”

First project was to replace the turf on the field, because at times the field was unusable so that seemed to be the one item that needed priority. Now the board is aiming for another piece, the New Field House.

The new facility that has already broken ground will be 40,000 square foot build consist of three full basketball courts, will have two elevated running tracks, new locker room space that accesses all of the fields, and a clinical area that the school could partner with a outside source to provide health and wellness to the athletes under roof.

photo: Teays Valley

The school says that all athletics will have fair use of the facility and event gives ample room for the band to get out of the rain and practice inside.

photo: Teays Valley


The board says that funding has came from several different avenues years worth of planning from the school and private donations locally. So far the school says that they have raised over 1 million in local donations. The school even plans to sell some property that has escalated in value due to its location to Rickenbacker. The school has no plans at this time to ask for a levy or any increases in taxed to pay for the state of art facility.