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Taking The Chance – Renovating Ohio Properties With Sustainability In Mind


Housing stock all over Ohio is in desperate need of a refresh. According to WOSU, who cover Columbus and surrounding towns, real estate investment firms have taken to the market like a duck to water due to great conditions – specifically, outdated, low quality housing, and chronic underbuilding. The time is now to start renovating and repairing these older housing stocks, but it must be done with a sustainable tilt in mind.

Building in insulation

Firstly, and more than anything else, housing stock needs a wide-scale reassessment of their insulation standards. This helps both in winter and in summer, something which Ohio is exposed to in either direction. Indeed, according to 10TV WBNS have highlighted the storms and heatwaves that have hit the state over the past few months. Insulating is a simple but effective sustainable homecare trick that adds value, reduces energy usage, and builds independence and climate stability – and should be conducted on existing stock as soon as possible, as well as being considered in new builds.

Matching new developments

New developments are on their way across the state. The Circleville Herald highlights one such scheme for the north side of the city which will provide affordable and space efficienthousing for a new generation. One thing that new homes can easily come equipped with are rainwater tanks and well-draining land, such as wild lawns. This will help in the water retention stakes, and also prevent floods and storms from escalating within residential areas.

Bringing in solar

Ohio has huge solar power potential, and, according to Columbus Underground, the Columbus area has an even greater shot of returning huge energy gains to interested homeowners. In fact, the energy potential of Ohio is thought to be 30% higher than the average in Germany – a global leader in solar production. This also presents a way to ensure that renewable energy is being used to power the house, aside from making returns through selling back to the grid. This is another great opportunity for housing renovations, or new developments, to make a big impact.

Ohio is a great staging ground for serious environmental progressivism. The state has so much to offer the country in terms of showing how eco-friendly housing can be done, and it has housing stock crying out for renovation. The perfect couple, it remains to be seen if the state and private enterprise will notice the opportunity.