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Ross County – T-Shirt Thief Arrested after Multiple Trips to Rural King


Chillicothe, OH – April 29, 2024

Law enforcement officers responded to a shoplifting incident at Rural King, prompting the arrest of a suspect and barring several individuals from the premises.

According to the initial narrative provided by Christopher McGowan, a dispatch was made to Rural King regarding a reported shoplifting incident. McGowan, upon arrival, encountered a white Chevy Tahoe, wherein he made contact with the driver, Destiny Rickey, and a back seat passenger, Travis Wolfenbarker.

Both individuals were advised of their Miranda rights, and McGowan proceeded to inquire about the alleged theft. Wolfenbarker admitted to stealing two shirts, leading to his detainment pending further investigation.

Upon searching the vehicle with Rickey’s consent, McGowan discovered a pile of eleven new shirts with tags, which were subsequently confiscated. The total value of the recovered shirts amounted to $239.90.

Further investigation revealed that a customer had observed Wolfenbarker concealing shirts in his clothing and making multiple trips to the white Chevy Tahoe. Surveillance footage corroborated this account.

As a result of the incident, Rickey, Wolfenbarker, and another individual, Virginia McGlone, were barred from the business and property. Wolfenbarker was transported to the Ross County Jail on charges of theft, with a court date scheduled for April 30, 2024.

The Chillicothe Municipal Court will oversee the case, wherein Wolfenbarker faces charges related to the theft of shirts from Rural King.