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Ross County – Fight Over a Relationship Ends One in Jail for Assault


Chillicothe, OH – April 29, 2024

Law enforcement officers responded to a reported assault at 318 McKeller Street, resulting in the arrest of a suspect.

According to the supplemental narrative provided by Justin Tuttle, officers were dispatched to the scene following reports of an assault. Upon arrival, officers learned that the victim, Brandon L. Holley, had relocated to Massie Avenue.

Holley recounted the incident, stating that he was inside the residence at 318 McKeller Street with his friend, Mackenzie Daniels, when Wolford entered and became agitated upon seeing them together. Holley alleged that Wolford proceeded to physically assault him, punching and kicking him both inside and outside the house.

Upon observing Holley’s injuries, which included bruises, cuts, and swelling, officers initiated a search for Wolford. Holley provided information indicating that Wolford may be staying on Poplar Street and described his vehicle as an older black Chevrolet Impala.

Subsequently, officers spotted a vehicle matching the description provided by Holley on East Water Street. Upon conducting a traffic stop, Wolford was positively identified as the driver. Despite declining to cooperate with questioning, Wolford was placed under arrest for assault.

During the arrest process, Wolford made an unprompted inquiry about the appearance of the other party involved in the altercation.

Further checks revealed that Wolford was driving without a valid license and with fictitious plates. Consequently, he was issued citations and informed of his court date.

Wolford was transported to the Ross County Jail to be held on one count of assault, with a court appearance scheduled for April 30, 2024.