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SWAT Team Executes Search Warrant at Chillicothe Residence


Chillicothe, Ohio (March 11, 2024): In a carefully coordinated operation, the Chillicothe Police Department’s SWAT Team executed a pre-authorized search warrant at a residence on Jefferson Avenue.

Officers prioritized the safety of the public and those potentially within the residence throughout the operation. Upon arrival, they activated emergency lights and sirens to establish a clear presence. Following established protocols, a loud speaker announcement was made, clearly stating that law enforcement was serving a search warrant and instructing anyone inside to cooperate. This announcement was repeated twice before the SWAT team entered the residence.

The SWAT team swiftly and efficiently secured the premises. Several individuals were detained for further investigation. Medical personnel were on standby, but thankfully, no injuries were reported during the operation.

Following the securement of the scene, detectives meticulously conducted a search of the residence. This comprehensive search yielded a significant amount of potential evidence. This evidence included a firearm, ammunition consistent with the firearm, suspected narcotics, various items consistent with drug paraphernalia, and multiple cellular telephones. List is as followed

Item 1-$1,501 (HORSLEY person)
Item 2-Loaded Smith and Wesson 9mm handgun S/N: FDL0716 with Holster and (13) rounds (Living Room)
Item 3-White powder (Living Room)
Item 4-White rocky substance approximately 16 grams (Living Room)
Item 5-Blue Cell phone (Living Room)
Item 6-“NUU” cell phone (Living Room)
Item 7-Misc Ammo (Living Room)
Item 8-Digital Scale w/white residue (Living Room)
Item 9- Iphone (Back-East Room – ROWLEY)
Item 10-Winchester .22 Rifle (Back-East Room)
Item 11-Misc Ammo (Back-East Room)
Item 12-$6,900 (Living Room)
Item 13-White substance approximately 28 grams (Living Room)
Item 14-White powder (Living Room)
Item 15-White powder (Living Room)
Item 16-Bag with Marijuana (Living Room)
Item 17-Misc Ammo (Front-East Bedroom)
Item 18-White powder (Kitchen)
Item 19-Crystalline substance (Shed)
Item 20-White powder (Shed)
Item 21-Bag with Marijuana (Shed)
Item 22-Tablet (Shed)
Item 23-Paper ID for BELLOMY (Shed)
Item 24-Blue Cell phone (Shed)
Item 25-Blue Motorolla Cell phone (Shed)
Item 26-Mac Book (Living Room)
Item 27-Pink Cell phone (Living Room)
Item 28-(3) bags with miscellaneous drug paraphernalia (Shed)

Charles Horsley had been placed under arrest, was placed under arrest for 2 counts of Having Weapons While Under Disability and Jessica Winnett was placed under arrest for her active warrants. Three other people were detained and were told that charges were pending for everyone and could be filed after lab results return for suspected narcotics found.

Collaboration and Community Safety

The Chillicothe Police Department expresses its appreciation to all officers involved in this operation for their professionalism and dedication to public safety. The department is committed to working collaboratively with the community to maintain a safe and secure environment for all residents.