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Superload Number 5 Rolls Through Pickaway County on Friday


Pickaway – Over two dozen superloads will travel through the county over the Spring, Summer, and maybe the Fall of this year.

The fifth of nearly two dozen “super loads” embarks on a journey from a dock on the Ohio River near Manchester in Adams County to Hebron in Licking County. This colossal kiln, weighing 549,000 pounds and spanning nearly 172 feet in length, will traverse designated routes, with updates available on social media platforms. Motorists are advised to stay informed and exercise caution as the convoy navigates through various counties.

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A monumental transportation feat unfolds as the fifth of nearly two dozen “super loads” commences its journey from a dock on the Ohio River near Manchester in Adams County to its destination in Hebron, Licking County. This particular load, a massive kiln, presents impressive dimensions, weighing 549,000 pounds and towering nearly 21 feet tall, 18 feet wide, and over 172 feet long.

The meticulously planned route for the kiln’s passage has been outlined for Friday, April 12, with departure scheduled from Fairgrounds Road onto SR 104 at approximately 9 a.m. From there, the convoy will travel north on SR 104 to SR 762 near Commercial Point before turning east onto State Route 762, eventually arriving at Rickenbacker Parkway. The overnight location for the convoy will be Rickenbacker, with no further movement until Sunday, April 14, at 7 a.m.

In efforts to keep the public informed and ensure smooth transit, social media updates will be provided by local ODOT Districts as the convoy progresses through each county. Motorists are encouraged to follow their respective ODOT Districts on social media platforms for real-time updates and pertinent information regarding road closures and traffic impacts.

The transportation of these super loads marks a significant logistical operation, requiring meticulous planning and coordination. As the convoy makes its way through various communities, motorists are reminded to exercise caution, adhere to posted traffic signs, and yield to convoy vehicles as necessary to ensure the safety of all road users.

Stay tuned to local ODOT District social media channels for continuous updates as the colossal kiln navigates through Ohio en route to its final destination in Licking County’s Hebron.