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Superload 13 Heads North from Ross County

Superload 13 finally gets going on July 11th, 2024, in Ross County.

Ross County — You have to get up early to watch this crew start out – the biggest version of the superloads that are traveling from the Ohio River to Central Ohio get going around 6am.

I caught the second of four “super superloads” as it slowly rolled out near the Ross County Fairgrounds. It had been parked overnight on temporary lumber pavement along the side of State Route 104 just south of Fairgrounds Road and Infirmary Lane, and just north of State Route 207 North and the Dunlap Schoolhouse. (You can find 14 of my photos and a video of it parked there Wednesday evening, on my Facebook page.

Watch my videos below as it is prepared for action and slowly moved onto the highway…and when it finally gets going.

As ODOT Press Secretary Matt Bruning pointed out in a previous interview, the extended daylight and lack of school traffic in summer allow the roads to be blocked by the shipments before 9am, unlike the previous two batches. These four superloads are also moving much more slowly…meaning the segments of the roads they travel on are blocked for longer periods.

Superload 13 will make an extended stay at Rickenbacker this afternoon until Sunday, when it will move to Pickerington…and finally arrive in New Albany Tuesday.

Find information on each superload on the Superload Advisory Page by the Ohio Department of Transportation.