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Super Load will Roll Through Pickaway County on Friday

Superload Number 3 is parked on Fairgrounds Road in Ross County on March 28th, 2024.

A convoy of “super loads” is making its way through Ohio, marking the third of nearly two dozen massive shipments to traverse the state. Departing from a dock on the Ohio River near Manchester in Adams County, these oversized loads are destined for areas near New Albany or Hebron in Licking County.

This particular load, a towering kiln bound for a plastics recycling facility in Hebron, measures an impressive 20 feet and 8 inches tall, 18 feet wide, and spans a length of 176 feet and 2 inches. Weighing a staggering 549,000 pounds, the load presents a logistical challenge for transportation crews.

The estimated delivery date for this load is set for Saturday, March 30.

For those curious about the route and schedule, here’s the plan for Friday, March 29:

  • Departure from Chillicothe at approximately 8 a.m.
  • Travel north on SR 104.
  • Proceed east on SR 762 to Rickenbacker Parkway.
  • Overnight location: Rickenbacker

Matt Bruning, the press secretary of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), emphasized that this shipment is just one of many “superloads” traveling along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, then being trucked through the Ohio and Scioto valleys. Due to their immense size, ODOT is required to shut down segments of two-lane highways as these loads slowly make their way north. However, once a segment is clear, the highway reopens promptly.

Bruning urged caution and safety for those witnessing these extraordinary transports, advising spectators to keep a safe distance. ODOT has established a Special Hauling Office specifically for managing superloads, offering information on their website along with news releases and email alerts regarding the shipments.

While the transportation process is expected to span several months, the exact dates for each shipment remain uncertain, as some loads have yet to be docked. Bruning stressed the need to coordinate with events like the Pumpkin Show to avoid disruptions, acknowledging that the journey may indeed take quite some time.