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Super Bowl LV Divisional Rounds Spread: Meeting The Eight Competing Teams


The Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, is now set and ready to culminate the Super Bowl LV. Canadian singer The Weekend will strut in the green course of the stadium for the halftime show. After a series of rescheduling last year, the NFL 2020-21 season has successfully proceeded with the games and will see its end next month.

Many adjustments took place in the NFL, especially in the shortened seeding process. Not only that, but audiences are limited, and stricter health protocols are imposed. Also, underdog teams are almost winning the playoffs, and some of them are a few steps away from making an epic comeback since they had their last title.

As the Super Bowl LV championship comes on February 7, 2021, football fans are now thrilled whether the Chiefs can defend their slate or let it slip away. But, before we see another classic championship match, let’s meet the competing teams in the upcoming Divisional Rounds and their current point spread to win this year’s Lombardi trophy.

Green Bay Packers V.S. Los Angeles Rams
The first round in the Divisional duel is between the NFC teams. The Packers are up to the joust against the Rams to vie for a slot in the quarterfinals. The Packers currently have thirteen wins and three losses. They were in the same position last year but failed to inch into the next round. Will the tables turn for them this time?

On the other hand, the Rams were one of the biggest underdogs this year who managed to stay still and bested the NFC West’s top groups, the Niners and the Cardinals. Garnering at least ten wins and six losses and settling as the second-seeded team in their respective division, will the Rams dispatch the Packers without fear?
Buffalo Bills V.S. Baltimore Ravens
If you are looking for a consistent football team today with a bigger chance to clinch the 2021 Lombardi trophy, the Buffalo Bills might be the team to count on. Since day one, this team had managed to climb on top despite being underrated last year. They are the AFC East top seed, earning thirteen wins and three losses.

On the other hand, the AFC North’s second-seeded team, Baltimore Ravens, is making it to the Divisional rounds facing the Bills. Remember that the Ravens blew away the NFL opening last September, dominating the first four rounds. They almost went out of luck as the playoffs continued but have managed to come back in the last few games.

Kansas City Chiefs V.S. Cleveland Browns
This is probably one of the exciting matches you should look forward to in this year’s Super Bowl LV Divisional rounds. The defending champs are Kansas City Chiefs, going up against the huge underdog, which are the Cleveland Browns. The Chiefs are undeniably the best AFC West team today, tallying fourteen wins and two losses.

On the other hand, the Cleveland Browns tied a record with the Ravens in the AFC North, garnering eleven wins and five losses. After many years of drought, the Browns are now back in the spotlight and have become a team to beat in the AFC.

Can the Chiefs stay strong to eliminate the Browns in the quest for Lombardi, or will the dogs create a huge twist and shake-up the NFL community by bugging the defenders?

New Orleans Saints V.S. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The last group to complete the Divisional Round line-up are the NFC South’s best two teams, the New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Saints got the top seed, garnering twelve wins and four losses. They are also one of the underdog teams as the NFL started last September. The Saints soared high and might be a good contender in the Super Bowl LV if they pass this round.

On the other hand, this year’s host, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, had hustled hard and might cause the Saints an upset. They have come a long way to prove that the Gron and Brady tandem is still unbeatable. The Bucs currently holds a record of eleven wins and five losses.

Will the Saints stay strong and win this weekend, or will the Bucs let the football troops kneel before them instead?

The Super Bowl LV takes an extraordinary season in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is one of the historical events in the football world, where underdogs have dominated the playoffs, and few favorites are seen in the most crucial rounds. It is not the typical all favorite line-ups vying for the prestigious Lombardi trophy.

If you are one of the dedicated NFL fans, this is the time that you should not miss the Super Bowl LV’s remaining rounds. Will this be the dog’s year and make the next NFL season more thrilling, or will the favorites be able to snatch the win? We’ll soon find out.