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Stoutsville Yard Sales First Week in August


PICKAWAY – Right at the edge of Pickaway County, just inside of Fairfield lies a small town just off of 674. But on the first weekend of August, it ceases to be a sleepy little town. A leisurely drive along Stoutsville Pike ceases to be casual once you get close to city limits. Cars begin to line Main Street in the early hours of the morning and continue to pour in through the early afternoon.

Sales begin at one end of town and continue along a mile-long path, with deals spidering off of Main Street and spider off into the alleys and side roads. Anything and everything is for sale at the event, as kids clothes, truck tires, and firearms were being sold – sometimes by the same person.

Traditionally, the event has been on Saturdays, but according to a multi-year veteran of the local gas station, Fridays are starting to push the sales into a massive 2-day event.

Not only can you find items out in the front yards’ of hundreds of houses, but vendors come in from far and wide to partake in the event. The Stoutsville Fire Station, near Fosnaugh-School road, is the eastern epicenter of the yard sales, as dozens of vendors pack the parking lot and nearby areas to ply their wares.

“It feels just like the crowds at Pumpkin Show!” said one child as we walked through the event.

Although sales typically slow down at the end of Saturday, we’ve been told by locals that some do continue sales through Sunday, and leftover inventory can usually be had at a bargain price.