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Southern Ohio Trucker Charged with Rape of Minor After Three Year Investigation


NORTH JACKSON – A Maineville man has been charged with the rape of a minor following the conclusion of an investigation that started in August 2019.

The investigation began on August 12, 2019, when troopers were notified that a female minor entered Truck World on Bailey Road off Interstate 76 in Mahoning County and told the clerk she had been raped. The incident occurred on the entrance ramp to I-76 westbound from Bailey Road inside of a commercial truck.

During the initial investigation, troopers checked the area and were unable to locate a commercial vehicle that matched the description given by the victim. However, they were able to locate an area on the ramp which appeared to have had a vehicle sitting stationary for an extended period of time. Troopers were able to locate a commercial vehicle on Truck World’s camera that matched the description, but were unable to collect specific information.

Throughout the investigation, troopers worked with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for a potential DNA match and were unsuccessful. They also attempted to cross reference familial DNA information, which only produced distant relatives. Investigators reached out to those individuals, but were ultimately unable to narrow down their search.

In early 2022, investigators utilized electronic data analysis for the location, date and timeframe that the incident occurred.   Investigators issued warrants pertaining to the information and were able to identify a suspect.

As a result of this warrant, investigators were able to identify the suspect as Shavkat Abshukurov, 40, Maineville. A photo lineup was presented to the victim, and she also positively identified Abshukurov as the suspect.

On September 7, investigators were able to obtain a warrant and Abshukurov was taken into custody on charges of rape and incarcerated in the Warren County Jail.

The Patrol appreciates the efforts of all agencies involved in this ongoing investigation, as well as the resources provided.