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Sixth Superload Rolls into Pickaway County

Superload 5 Heads Out From Ross County about 9:15am April 12th, 2024.

In an impressive feat of logistics, the journey of a colossal “super load” continues as it traverses from a dock along the Ohio River near Manchester in Adams County to its destination in New Albany, located in Licking County. This marks the sixth of approximately twenty such oversized loads set to undertake this remarkable voyage.

The current load, identified as a hex/cold box (air processor), boasts staggering dimensions, weighing in at a hefty 378,400 pounds. Its towering height reaches nearly 19 feet and 3 inches, with a substantial width of 20 feet and an impressive length spanning 128 feet.

Route Information for Tuesday, April 16: Departure is scheduled for approximately 9:00 am from the starting point at Fairgrounds Road and SR 104. The convoy will then proceed North along SR 104 until it reaches SR 762 near Commercial Point. From there, the journey continues Eastward on State Route 762, eventually arriving at Rickenbacker Parkway.

Overnight Location: As night falls, the convoy will halt at Rickenbacker, where it will remain until resuming its journey.

Stay Updated on Social Media: To stay informed about local updates and developments as the convoy makes its way through each county, residents are encouraged to follow their respective ODOT District on social media platforms.

The movement of these extraordinary loads not only showcases remarkable engineering and transportation capabilities but also serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of various agencies involved in ensuring a smooth and safe transit.