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Shooting Incident in Chillicothe Leads to Arrest of One


CHILLICOTHE – A man is behind bars after shooting several shots out a window in his second story apartment after he said the gun was fired in defense.

According to Chillicothe police they were dispatched to 518 second street on the report of a shooting around 5:41 am. The caller said that when she parked by her residence she was fired upon from a second story window.

Upon arrival, police scanned the incident location when a male appeared in a second story window. He stated that he had shot a firearm in defense. Police were able to gain access to his apartment where they found a shotgun on the floor, two spent shotgun rounds and two holes in a window screen. The shooter identified as  Adrian Haithcock, who told police that an unknown male he stated was large in size was yelling from outside. He stated that the male stated that he was “going to kill him”. He stated that he saw the male produce a firearm then fire at him. He stated he grabbed his own firearm which was located at the edge of the bed and fired twice through the window, into the air to scare the person off. He stated that the male got into a vehicle and fled the area.

Police found two wads from the shotgun on the sidewalk between the roadway and the apartment and one in the middle of the roadway, but did not find any other shell casings or bullet damage to the apartment.

After presenting this evidence to the apartment occupants they admitted that some of the story was made up and that they heard a male voice outside the apartment and a car door slam and that caused Haithcock to fire the two rounds out his window.

During the investigation police observed that Haithcock was impaired and after questioning he admitted to drinking the previous night and smoking marijuana. His roommate told police that he had used a powdery cocaine the night before.

Chillicothe Police placed him under arrest for Using Weapons while Intoxicated and Discharging a Firearm on a Prohibited Premises. He was transported to the RCJ where he will be held in lieu of bond until his appearance in court on 10/1/2020 at 9:00am.