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Scherer Supports over $5.1 Million in Local COVID-19 Relief Funding


COLUMBUS – State Representative Gary Scherer (R-Circleville) today announced the release of over $5.1 million in CARES Act funds to communities throughout the 92nd House District. The funds come following the House’s passage of House Bill 614, which Scherer supported.

House Bill 614 appropriates $650 million in CARES Act funding to counties, municipalities and townships to fund COVID-19 pandemic-related expenses. This CARES funding for counties, municipalities and townships is in addition to the $525 million provided earlier this year.

Pickaway County will receive $2,106,542, Ross County will receive $2,762,716 and Fayette County will receive $1,027,920. The funds throughout the 92nd House District will be distributed as follows:

Bloomingburg Village: $32,973

Jeffersonville Village: $42,234

Milledgeville Village: $3,928

New Holland Village: $3,820

Octa Village: $2,090

Washington Court House: $507,780

Concord Township: $31,603

Green Township: $18,667

Jasper Township: $20,612

Jefferson Township: $49,513

Madison Township: $39,351

Marion Township: $23,027

Paint Township: $36,720

Perry Township: $37,153

Union Township: $129,909

Wayne Township: $48,540

Circleville City: $506,302

Commercial Point Village: $60,504

Darbyville Village: $8,252

New Holland Village: $26,847

Williamsport Village: $38,702

Circleville Township: $89,116

Darby Township: $126,197

Deercreek Township: $25,369

Harrison Township: $66,666

Jackson Township: $42,883

Madison Township: $51,567

Monroe Township: $46,810

Muhlenberg Township: $25,333

Perry Township: $23,639

Scioto Township: $316,142

Washington Township $111,783

Wayne Township: $19,603

Adelphi Village: $13,513

Bainbridge Village: $30,630

Chillicothe City: $782,768

Clarksburg Village: $16,000

Frankfort Village: $37,765

Kingston Village: $36,648

South Salem Village: $7,243

Buckskin Township: $68,468

Colerain Township: $63,855

Concord Township: $122,161

Deerfield Township: $21,549

Franklin Township: $61,009

Green Township: $139,891

Harrison Township: $46,810

Jefferson Township: $35,387

Liberty Township: $93,044

Paint Township: $49,261

Paxton Township: $45,189

Scioto Township: $208,431

Springfield Township: $94,522

Twin Township: $120,648

Union Township: $443,420

The legislation also improves Ohio’s unemployment compensation system, which was overwhelmed by the sudden increase in claims filed due to COVID-19. Included in the improvements to the system is the creation of the Unemployment Compensation Modernization and Improvement Council.

“I was proud to support House Bill 614 today,” said Scherer. “The legislation not only fixes Ohio’s troubled unemployment compensation system, but aids our local communities who are struggling during the pandemic through the COVID-19 relief funding.”

The legislation contains an emergency clause and will be effective immediately upon the Governor’s signature.