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“Sand in the Streets” Shuts Down Paint Street for Volleyball Tournament in Chillicothe Ohio


CHILLICOTHE – Expect road closures soon in downtown Chillicothe, setup begins for the creation of a sandy beach starting at 6:30 am on the 26th. No parking will be allowed on Paint street.

Downtown Chillicothe Inc., is planning another event that may turn some heads when they turn a Downtown area into a beach for volleyball.

According to the Chillicothe Vistors bureau, Adena Health Systems, Herrnstein Auto Group, and Fifty West present year two of “Sand in the Streets” volleyball tournament a volleyball tournament with 24 teams of volleyball fun. But, how will they do that? There’s no sand in downtown Chillicothe? The organization is planning on trucking in 300 tons of sand dumped on Paint street for the August 27th event.

Year two will host 8 competitive teams, 24 recreational teams and four courts, which means we will have space for 8 more teams this year and an entire additional sand volleyball court!! Please note that competitive teams should have extensive sand volleyball experience and are capable of playing at a high level. Recreational teams will play pool play, and based on record will be placed in gold, silver, and bronze level tournaments to ensure competitive play for each team. Winner of the competitive tournament will win $750 and winner of the recreational tournament will take home $250. Volleyball team members will also receive team bags and t-shirts.

Then they will invite everyone to come out and grab a beer, a chair and put their toes in the sand, enjoy some live music and volleyball.

More information on this event here: http://visitchillicotheohio.com/event/sand-in-the-streets-volleyball-tournament-and-beachfest/