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Ryan Tannehill: NFL Profiles


About Ryan Tannehill.

With the 2021-2022 season over and the Los Angeles Rams taking home the Lombardi Trophy, we now look to the season ahead, and what will come next in football. 

We consider the NFL 2022 draft betting odds, and which players will be prominent in the next season. Since Brady has left, there is a lot of curiosity about how the game will be now, and what players will shine brightest in the next season. 

Ryan Tannehill has the potential to shine next season. 

He is a quarterback for the Titans, although he played for the Dolphins from 2012 until 2019. He has been with the Titans since 2019. 

With the Dolphins he was a primary starter for seven years, he initially served as a backup with the Titans, however, he brought the team back to life halfway through the season as he led them to the AFC championship game. 

That year, Tannehill was named as being the NFL Comeback Player Of The Year, and was selected for the Pro Bowl. 

Tannehill seems to be shining much brighter with the Titans than he did with the Dolphins, and he is truly coming into his own now, even though it has been 10 years already. 

He got 3 achievements in 2019 alone when he joined the Titans, including being the NFL passer rating leader. 

2021 Season Stats. 

We all know the stats for big dogs like Brady, or those who ended up in the Super Bowl just passed, but what were the season stats for Tannehill like this year? 

Well, this year he got 3,724 yards, with 21 Touchdowns. 

In the divisional playoffs he did well too, winning ¾ games, beating Houston 28-25, with 287 yards, his previous team, the Dolphins, 34-3 with 120 yards, San Francisco by 20-17 with 209 yards. The only team that beat the Titans in the playoffs were the Steelers, to no surprise. 

Career Stats. 

Tannehill’s career stats are just as good, he has a career overall passing yardage of 30,729, with 199 career touchdowns. 

When we look at his overall career statistics though, we note he was made to be in the Titans. When he was with the dolphins the best they did in a regular season was break even with their win-loss rate. 

However, when he moved over to the Titans in 2019, he never had a loss rate higher than 5 games. 

Sometimes a quarterback just needs the right team besides them to win. 

A Titan.

Tannehill has it a bit rough in his first 7 years with the NFL, however, in March 2019, the Dolphins raided Tannehill in the 6th round of the draft to the Titans. He signed a one-year deal with them and things were forever changed. 

In the 6th week against the Broncos, Tannehill replaced Mariota as the quarterback in the 2nd half. He went 13 of 16 with 144 passing yards and an interception. 

He was named as their starting quarterback for week 7 against the Chargers, in which he finished the game with a much better 312 passing yards, two touch-downs, and a 23-20 victory. 

He then won them a 42-20 victory over the Jaguars, and two weeks later he landed them another victory against the Raiders 42-21. 

Despite a few losses here and there he then took them up against the Texans in the regular season finale, getting them a 35-14 victory and taking them to the playoffs as a wildcard. 

He ended that season with 2,742 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions. 

He became the comeback player of the year with this, and since then we have only seen improvements in his stats. 

He even played against the Patriots in 2019 in the wild card round. He upset the Patriots 20-13. 

There is no doubt that Tannehill has skill, and that he does have potential to be even greater.