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Runaway EMU, Jackson County Captures Escapee


Jackson County – Being a Deputy its common to run into livestock, and possibly some wild animals sometimes you run into something you don’t see everyday

According to the Jackson Sheriff, a Red Brush Road resident called just before noon Wednesday reporting that an emu was in her yard again and she did not know where it resides.

By approximately 12:30pm, Deputies were able to make contact with the owner. The Emu is now back home with its owner, in its own yard in Hamilton Township. It’s not every day we wrangle animals, especially emu.

Emus are soft-feathered, brown, flightless birds with long necks and legs, and can reach up to 6.2 ft. in height. Emus can travel great distances, and when necessary can sprint at 30 mph; they forage for a variety of plants and insects, but have been known to go for weeks without eating. They drink infrequently, but take in copious amounts of water when the opportunity arises