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Ross County’s “Camp Cattail” Continues to be Renovated for DD Community and Public


Ross County — In his annual report to the Ross County Commissioners, Brady Ratzlaff ticked off another improvement to Camp Cattail near Frankfort.

The rural park is next to the Ross County Juvenile Detention Center and Roweton Youth & Family Center on Cattail Road, off Biers Run Road near County Road 550, but is a pleasant place to escape to. It’s open to the public in general, but is specifically geared towards being comfortable for the DD community.

Ratzlaff is the president of the park’s board of directors, who maintain the county’s property. The big project last year was the boat dock and pond, and before then were renovations to the DD bathrooms. This year, he said they have replaced the caretaker’s house. Next could be the caboose.

They have 2.2 miles of paved paths in woods and meadow. They also have camping, but Ratzlaff says that is booked up through early November! And they have various events, with the Kids Camp and Adult Camp coming up in June.

You can learn more and make reservations (when available) on their Facebook page.

Hear Ratzlaff explain everything in his own words in the below interview video.

The rebuilt dock on the pond at Camp Cattail, being visited by the Ross County Commissioners in August of 2023.
Part of the buildings at Camp Cattail.
A wheelchair swing set at Camp Cattail.
Brady Ratzlaff says the caboose at Camp Cattail is probably the next big project, and they are open to donations for material and labor for it.
Part of the 2.2 miles of paved trails at Camp Cattail.
The part-woodland trails ring a pleasant meadow at Camp Cattail.
Camp Cattail near Frankfort, for the DD Community and Public.