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Ross County – Woman Makes False Report of Being Hit by Truck


Ross County – A local woman reported that he was struck by a vehicle in the area of LEC on Saturday.

When police arrived a woman made a report that she was struck by a vehicle that was being driven by a man and his girlfriend was in the passenger seat. Mariah Jones said that there was an ongoing issue between the three because they accused her of stealing from the speedway, and also that they had attempted to buy pills from her but she told them no.

Jones showed police a red mark on her leg where she said that the man revved up his truck and drove towards her. She then said that he hit her in the leg and “struck” her with what she said was the front right corner of his bumper. Jones was complaining of pain in her left leg, Jones was provided a written statement to complete, and stated she was going to Adena to be evaluated.

Police then interviewed the man driving the truck and the couple stated that they were in their vehicle in the Shelter parking lot when Jones walked passed and began to cuss at them. They stated Jones came back out of the building and flipped them off and began to yell at them again when the left the area. They stated that their vehicle came nowhere near Jones.

Contact was made with the shelter which had video evidence of the incident that showed Jones walking past the front of their truck and going into the shelter. Jones then comes back out of the shelter and flips the vehicle off and can be seen talking toward the vehicle. Sharp and Howell then leave the lot while Jones is between two other vehicles. Sharp’s vehicle does not ever come close to striking Jones.

The department said that they will be filing charges against Jones for a false report if the couple want to press charges against her.