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Ross County – Woman Caught Stealing from 11 Walmart Locations Caught Again for Theft


Ross County – A woman was caught yesterday at the Chillicothe Walmart for theft, but it wasnt the first time.

According to the Chillicothe Police Department, they responded to a call from Loss Prevention at the Walmart on River Trace Lane, police investigated a potential shoplifting incident on Tuesday. Upon arrival, officers were informed that a woman identified as Jessy Stumbo had been observed concealing items in her purse and a plastic tote with drawers. The woman was apprehended as she exited the store without paying for the concealed merchandise.

During questioning, the woman admitted to taking the items, which included two small printers, clothing, and a plastic tote. The total value of the stolen goods was reported to be $505.63.

Further investigation revealed that the woman had a history of shoplifting offenses at Walmart stores, including a felony conviction. In total Jessy had eleven total theft incidences of Walmart thefts in their system, and one for felony amount, which Jessy stated she went to prison for. Jessy had also been barred from ALL Walmart property five separate times from surrounding stores, the most recent being on November 10, 2023 from Jackson, Ohio Walmart. At this time, Jessy was served with a barring notice, which she signed for.

Upon running Jessy’s information, she was found to have a felony warrant through Boyd County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky for Receiving Stolen Property. Boyd Co. advised Police Dispatch they would extradite. Jessy was placed under arrest and transported to RCJ, where she was held, in lieu of bond for Theft and Criminal Trespass. Her court date is set for February 14, 2024 at 9:00am. LPO Davis stated he would store discovery at a later date. Nothing further.