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Ross County – Woman Calls 911 Over Argument Over Cats


A domestic dispute in a Chillicothe apartment complex resulted in an arrest Tuesday night.

Police responded to reports of a disturbance at an apartment on Trego Creek road around midnight. Upon arrival, officers found clothing and household items scattered in the parking lot.

Inside the apartment, they encountered Gladys Richards and another resident, identified only by authorities as Mr. Sherrick. The details of the argument remain unclear. However, according to police reports, Ms. Richards claimed someone else had called 911, while Mr. Sherrick stated they were arguing about a cat and kittens.

According to a past incident report, Mr. Sherrick had previously expressed concerns about pet ownership in the apartment.

The situation escalated when Ms. Richards became increasingly agitated, and eventually admitted that she had called 911 because, “he’s a bastard, and because he was arguing with her about her cats.”

Officers eventually asked Ms. Richards to step outside and subsequently placed her under arrest for obstructing official business and misusing the emergency 911 system.

Ms. Richards was transported to the Ross County Jail and later released.