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Ross County Will Have a New Solar Farm on 927 Acres of Land


OHIO – The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) today approved applications for  Ross County Solar, LLC to construct a solar‑powered electric generating facility in Ross counties.

The 120 MW Ross County Solar project will occupy approximately 927 acres within an approximately 1,433-acre project area located in Buckskin and Paint townships in Ross County. The project will consist of large arrays of solar panels and associated facilities including access roads, an operations and maintenance building, electric collection lines, weather stations, inverters and transformers, a substation, and a 138 kV generation interconnection electric transmission line.

In other business, the OPSB granted applications to amend the previously approved Vigo-Pine Ridge 138 kV Transmission Line Project in Jackson and Ross counties, the Madison Fields Solar Project in Madison County, and the Harrison Power Project in Harrison County.