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Ross County – South Carolina Murder Suspect Arrested in Chillicothe


Chillicothe – A man who shot another man at Dollar General was arrested yesterday by Ross County law enforcement after information led South Carolina detectives to Chillicothe.

According to Spartanburg County Sheriff’s office Ladarius Jquan Harris aka “Glock”, 27 years old man from South Carolina shot a man at a Dollar General and then fled the area. Spartanburg Sheriff’s Office used cell phone technology to ping Harris’s cellular device locating him in Ross County. After contacting Ross County and Chillicothe law enforcement investigators led SWAT teams to America’s Best Value Inn in Chillicothe where Harris’s vehicle was found parked in front of a hotel room. The hotel room was rented under a girlfriend’s name.

The Chillicothe Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) was called in to help serve the warrant for Officer Safety and HARRIS alleged to be in possession of a firearm. The Chillicothe SWAT Team arrived and began calling out for occupants of Room 70 to exit. After several minutes, STEADMAN exited the room and was detained without incident. STEADMAN stated that HARRIS was still inside and was going to be exiting after speaking to his mother on the phone. HARRIS exited the room a few minutes later and was detained without incident.

Upon entering the room several items of drug paraphernalia were observed in plain view including syringes (open backpack and stand), an empty plastic baggie (floor between beds), a crystalline rock substance (Item #3, TV Stand), another empty baggie and baggie with unknown black substance (Item #6, in the toilet). Search of the room was conducted. A cellular phone (Item #1) was located on the bed closest to the door.

Harris was arrested and now faces extradition to South Carolina