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Ross County – Search of Body Cavity and Prosthetic Leg Ends in One Charged with Drugs


On April 7th, 2024, law enforcement officers conducted a routine patrol on Redd Street, which resulted in a series of events leading to an arrest and the discovery of narcotics.

During the patrol, an officer observed a Red Chevy emitting excessive smoke from the rear of the vehicle. As the officer attempted to approach the truck, it seemed to evade sight, but was later spotted at the intersection of E 7th and Redd Street. Upon turning onto Lillie Street, the vehicle was flagged for a traffic stop due to observed violations, including failure to signal and obstructed view caused by items hanging from the rear-view mirror.

The officer, upon approaching the vehicle, identified the driver as Alvin Littleton and requested identification from the passengers, who refused to provide it. While writing a traffic citation, the officer called for assistance from the Ross County Sheriff’s Office for a canine unit to conduct an open air sniff around the vehicle.

Deputy O’Bomsawin and his canine arrived at the scene and detected a positive alert to the vehicle. Subsequently, all occupants were asked to exit the vehicle. While searching the occupants, no evidence was found initially.

A further search found a prosthetic leg contained at approximately $3,000.00, and investigation led to the discovery of narcotics on one of the passengers, Michelle. Who during being detained in the sheriff vehicle was found to be discussing that “Michelle has the dope inside of her”. Despite initial denials, Michelle was informed of her rights and transported to the police station for further investigation. Upon arrival at the Ross County Jail, Michelle was found to be in possession of a glass pipe and suspected narcotics.

Meanwhile, efforts to obtain a search warrant for the residence on Lillie Street were unsuccessful.

The substance found on Michelle will undergo lab analysis, potentially resulting in additional charges.