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Ross County Port Authority Holds Inaugural Meeting to Elect Officers and Set Agenda


In a significant milestone for economic development in Ross County, Ohio, the inaugural meeting of the Ross County Port Authority convened on May 22, 2024. Hosted in the Integrity Room of the Adena/PACCAR Medical Education Center, this gathering marked the formal establishment of the Port Authority, following the appointment of its Board of Directors by the Ross County Commissioners on April 22, 2024.

During the meeting, the newly appointed Board of Directors wasted no time in selecting officers to lead the Port Authority. Brad Cosenza was elected Chairman, with Ken Shelton assuming the role of Vice Chairman. Nate Baldwin was chosen as Treasurer, while Tammy Eallonardo was appointed as Secretary. Joining them on the board are members Melody Young, Tricia Hall, Joe Herlihy, and Ben Hall.

In a strategic move to spearhead the Port Authority’s initiatives, Tiffany Lemaster, from Greater Chillicothe & Ross County Development, was appointed as the Director of the Port Authority. This decision reflects the board’s commitment to leveraging local expertise and resources for the region’s economic growth.

Aside from electing officers, the meeting also saw the adoption of essential bylaws, policies, and procedures. These foundational documents will guide the operations and decision-making processes of the Port Authority as it embarks on its mission to drive economic prosperity in Ross County.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the Port Authority’s establishment, Chairman Cosenza emphasized its pivotal role in bolstering economic development efforts in Ross County. “The creation of the Ross County Port Authority gives us another tool in our economic development tool chest to encourage projects and development in our community,” remarked Cosenza.

Looking ahead, the Ross County Port Authority is set to commence accepting applications for projects in the upcoming fall season. This proactive approach signals the Port Authority’s readiness to engage with stakeholders and facilitate initiatives that will drive progress and prosperity across Ross County.