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Ross County – Neighbor Maced After Excessive Truck Revving


CHILLICOTHE – A man is filing charges after being attacked by neighbors over-revving his truck.

On 3/21/23 at 9:58 pm Chillicothe police were called to the scene of a fight at the 300 block of McKellar Ave. When they arrived they found a man in the bathroom washing his eyes from mace, and a bleeding head. When asked what happened he told the police that he was outside when his neighbor came around the corner maced him and then hit him in the back of the head with something.

Police also spoke to the neighbors who confirmed some of the story and reported that he was outside revving his truck and she went out to confront him. When she started to yell at him and report that she was going to call the police he walked toward her with his fists up. Thats when the neighbor’s boyfriend stepped in and maced him once.

Another neighbor stated that he witnessed the man mace him with the full bottle of mace

Police observed there to be blood on the tailgate of the truck and a hat laying on the ground just behind the truck.

No arrests have been made at this time, police are still investigating