Home News Ross County – Man Arrested in Reported Stolen Vehicle Makes Argument

Ross County – Man Arrested in Reported Stolen Vehicle Makes Argument


CHILLICOTHE – A man who was arrested last night in Chillicothe says that the vehicle is his but did not have legal title.

According to Chillicothe Police, they were called to an alarm call at Advanced Auto Parts at 15 N Bridge St, an officer observed a suspicious vehicle parked outside of the closed business, when they ran the tag the car came back stolen.

According to the report, the man Brad L. Demint says that he owns the car but the previous owner would not sign the title over to him after he claimed that he did work for the man in trade for the vehicle.

In the report, the man and a passenger both told police the same story and did not try to fight police on any other issues, when asked why they were in a closed store parking lot they told police they were waiting for it to open due to the vehicle needing parts at 8:32 pm at night.

The title owner of the car out of Pike county was called and arrived on the scene to take possession of the vehicle, he told police a similar story that a deal was struck for the car for work, but not all the work had been done so he refused to sign the title over, and after some time he reported the vehicle stolen.

Police reported that they found minor drug paraphernalia was located throughout the vehicle.

Mr. Demint was taken to RCJ and charged for Receiving Stolen Property