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Ross County – Man Arrested Driving with Open Busch Peach Can, Registers Over Twice Legal Limit


CHILLICOTHE – Over the weekend police made an arrest on a man who admitted to police that he had drunk more than a six-pack and was working on one when police stopped him

According to the Chillicothe police department while on patrol they noticed a 2008 Suzuki HB traveling southbound on Cutright Dr. with no license plate light. When stopped the man identified as Seth Arledge, 28 told the officer that he had just left the Moose Lodge and was following his father home. During the interaction with the officer, the officer noted in his report that he saw in plain view an open case of Busch Peach in the passenger seat and one open can beside the case. He told police that he had drank, “five or six beers, then while at the Moose Lodge, “he stated one beer a couple hours prior to leaving.”

Arledge was transported to the OSP Station and submitted to take the Breathalyzer test. The first test sample BAC was 0.184 and the second test sample BAC was 0.195. The legal Limit in Ohio is .08.

Arledge was transported to the RCJ where he was served with his copy of the BMV2255 form and traffic citation 50560 for No License Plate Light and OVI (ORC 4511.19A1A) and OVI Prohibited Blood Alcohol Concentration (ORC 4511.19A1H) with advised appearance at the Chillicothe Municipal Court on 9/18/23 at 0900 hours.