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Ross County Involved in High-Speed Chase


Ross County – A car that was chased south of Ross County in a police pursuit is now involved again in a police pursuit.

According to early reports a car that was reported stolen in Jackson County was chased by OSP, but due to dangerous situations with other vehicles, the chase was called off, but a BOLO (Be on the Lookout) was called into Ross County for a Silver Nissan with license plate numbers. Not too long after the BOLO was issued a Ross County Deputy reported that they had seen the vehicle and attempted to stop. Shortly afterwards a chase started.

In the area of US-23 and US-35 stop sticks were used to flatten at least one of the tires and it was reported the vehicle was now in the area of Eastern Ave and US-23. We will update with more info soon.

Update – Bridge street and US-35 the vehicle was stopped