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Ross County – Intoxicated Man Arrested After Causing Panic with Fireworks at Scioto Woods Apartments


On June 3rd, 2024, a disturbance at the Scioto Woods Apartments on Western Avenue in Ross County prompted a response from law enforcement. Deputys were dispatched to the scene following reports of an intoxicated male setting off fireworks within the apartment building’s hallways, causing alarm among residents.

Upon arrival, authorities engaged with multiple witnesses, the girlfriend of the intoxicated individual, identified as James Horne. She reported that Horne, inebriated and armed with a large bottle of Fireball whiskey, had ignited a series of M-88 firecrackers within the building’s premises. Despite her attempts to intervene, Horne persisted, leading to further distress among tenants.

Neighbor accounts corroborated her statement, with others witnessing Horne’s erratic behavior, including hurling firecrackers into the building’s entryway before darting up the stairs. Neighbors also attested to the chaos, describing hearing what they initially mistook for gunshots, only to discover Horne’s reckless fireworks display.

Deputies, endeavored to apprehend Horne, who displayed hostility and non-cooperation upon their arrival. Horne’s disorderly conduct and refusal to comply with authorities culminated in his arrest for inducing panic and disorderly conduct by intoxication. Despite resistance, law enforcement successfully transported Horne to the Ross County Jail for processing.

During the incident, a deputy documented the scene, capturing evidence of the firecrackers’ remnants scattered across the entry points and stairwells of the apartment building, illustrating the extent of the disturbance caused by Horne’s actions.

The Ross County Sheriff’s Office encourages residents to report any similar disturbances promptly and reminds individuals to celebrate responsibly, especially in shared living spaces.