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Ross County – Inmate Escapes Medical Custody


Ross County – A woman has a warrant for her arrest after taking off from Medical custody.

According to Ross County Sheriff’s Office, they are requesting a warrant for Escape in regard to inmate Caroline Madden. Ms. Madden ​was booked into the RCJ on 04/13/2023​ and is currently serving a 178-day sentence for Theft. On 4/19/23 ​Ms. Madden ​was having ​blurred vision and vomiting after a fall. ​RCJ nursing staff believed it was best for Ms. Madden ​to be transported to ARMC to be medically treated. Ms. Madden ​was granted a medical furlough through Chillicothe Municipal Court by Honorable Judge Tony Eddy on 4/19/23. Ms. Madden ​signed the furlough agreement stating she is to return to the RCJ ​immediately upon her release from hospitalization or charges could be filed.

​ARMC ER department employees called the jail a few moments after she left and advised jail ​Sgt. Rittenhouse that she left as soon as the jail deputy was out of sight. As of 5/15/23,​ Ms. Madden also failed to appear to Ross County Common Pleas Court for charges she has there which are 3 counts of felony drug possession. ​

Ms. Madden ​has also not touched base with the Chillicothe Municipal Court probation department at this time nor the Ross County Jail.

If anyone has any info on Maddens whereabouts contact local police