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Ross County – Horse Reported Dead After Attack on Farm


ROSS – Ross County sheriff’s department was called out to a local farm after a farmer found blood on the walls of his barn and one of his horses was missing.

The farmer stated he found the barn, “tore apart, blood in the barn and the back door was busted open. He found the horse in the creek in the back of the property dead.”

The farmer said that he checked cameras on his farm and did not see anyone come on the property.

The sheriff’s deputy reported that after an investigation they were able to determine that a human did not do this to the horse and that it looked like it was some sort of animal attack and she must have injured herself and ended up dying from those injuries.

The farmer told the Sheriff’s department what made him report so quickly was that someone has cut his fence two times now both being the bottom wire of the electric fence. That he would like to report that along with this incident.