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Ross County Health District Reports 32 Overdoses in Weeks


ROSS – Ross county Health District is reporting that they have seen a upward trend in overdoses in April in Ross county and wants people to use caution.

Ross County has a group dedicated to overdose prevention and overdose response? P.O.R.T. stands for the Post Overdose Response Team and is made up of representatives from Ross County Health District, Chillicothe Police Department, Ross County Sheriff’s Office, Ross County Jail, Chillicothe Fire Department, and Ross County Peer Supporters.

The team meets weekly to monitor suspected overdoses and drug trends in Ross County.

The team, using first responder and law enforcement data, has seen a recent spike in the number of suspected overdoses in Ross County. Since April 1, 2021, there have been 32 suspected overdoses in Ross County, which is trending upward compared to April 2020 which had a total of 51 suspected overdoses. Because of this, we are urging community members to check in with their friends and family, carry naloxone (Narcan), and call 911 right away if you suspect an overdose. RCHD has free Naloxone available – request a kit here: surveymonkey.com/r/requestakit. Ross County has treatment and recovery resources available for those who are impacted by substance use disorder. Please call Ross County Peer Support at 740-702-7222 for more information or access resources online at http://rosscountyhealth.org/sudresources/.