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Ross County – Failure to Comply with Law Enforcement Ends in Motorcycle Confiscated


Bainbridge – Ross County Sheriff’s office reported that they were in a pursuit with a motorcycle on Wednesday in the area of Bainbridge

According to the Ross County sheriff’s office on 8/24/22 a deputy attempted to make a traffic stop at Main and Maple in Bainbridge with a motorbike. The driver did not stop but started to elude the officer. The rider described as wearing a pink hooded jacket and blue jeans took a turn east in an ally south of Main Street before making their way to the open fields. The officer did not pursue through the corn field but to the o Bainbridge Manor Apartments that was close by in attempting to locate that motorcycle.

A resident told the deputy that they had seen the rider and the bike go behind the 400 Building.

Deputies found the motorcycle behind the 400 building unoccupied.

Due to the deputy being able to confirm that the bike was part of the chase he contacted Eitel’s Towing and towed the motorbike to the Impound Lot. Now the owner will have to come to the sheriff’s office to answer some questions and to get the bike out of impound.