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Ross County Faces Surge in Drug Overdoses: Urgent Alert Issued


Chillicothe, Ross County, OH – The Ross County Health District (RCHD), alongside the Chillicothe Police Department and Ross County Sheriff’s Office, is sounding the alarm on a concerning rise in suspected drug overdoses within the community.

Over the past 24 hours, Ross County has witnessed a notable uptick in reported overdoses, surpassing the usual threshold for such incidents, prompting authorities to issue a critical alert to residents.

In response to this alarming trend, RCHD is urging community members to remain vigilant and take proactive measures to mitigate risks associated with substance abuse. Key recommendations include:

  • Ensuring access to naloxone (Narcan) as a crucial intervention tool.
  • Requesting free Narcan through redcap.link/ProjectDAWNOrderForm or contacting RCHD at (740) 779-9652 for inquiries.
  • Avoiding drug use in isolation and being mindful that no substance is entirely safe.
  • Promptly calling 911 in the event of a suspected overdose, even after administering Narcan.
  • Understanding the protections provided by the Good Samaritan Law, which shields individuals from drug possession charges during overdose situations. More details on the law can be found at https://odh.ohio.gov/know-our-programs/oh-against-od/good-samaritan-law.
  • Seeking support and resources for recovery through Ross County Peer Support at (740) 702-7222.

The Ross County Health District, established in 1979 and nationally accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board, is committed to safeguarding and enhancing the well-being of all residents. Governed by a seven-member board of health, RCHD operates across four divisions: Public Health Nursing, Environmental Health, Health Promotion and Quality Improvement, and Administration. For further information, inquiries can be directed to Sara Smith at [email protected].

The health and safety of Ross County residents remain paramount, and concerted efforts are underway to address the challenges posed by substance abuse within the community.