Home News HEROES – Residential Structure Fire in Kingston Prompted Quick Action from Neighbors

HEROES – Residential Structure Fire in Kingston Prompted Quick Action from Neighbors


KINGSTON, OHIO – Emergency responders rushed to Hallsville Pike on May 12, 2024, following reports of a residential structure fire with potential entrapment. The incident unfolded between 1:51 PM and 1:52 PM.

Upon receiving the dispatch, En route to the location, it was reported that two neighbors, identified as David Hopkins and Stacey Bush, had already assisted the residents in evacuating the home safely.

As Dutcher arrived at the scene, the residence was fully engulfed in flames. Smoke billowed into the air, visible from SR 180 and Kreisel Rd. Fire crews were already on-site, battling the blaze.

David Hopkins recounted his heroic actions upon noticing the fire. He immediately rushed to aid the residents, who were struggling to escape due to the inferno blocking access to the wheelchair ramp. With assistance from Stacey Bush, Hopkins successfully guided the occupants out of harm’s way.

One of the occupants, shared her account of the incident. She revealed that she had been preparing for Mother’s Day dinner when she heard ominous sounds emanating from the garage. Smoke soon engulfed the back deck, signaling danger. Despite her efforts to evacuate her mother, the fire had blocked their path. Fortunately, Hopkins and Bush intervened, ensuring their safe exit from the burning residence.

Thankfully, no one sustained injuries during the ordeal. However, the flames consumed their vehicles parked in the garage, rendering them irreparable.

David Hopkins later provided insights into the fire’s origin, noting that it appeared to have started in the rear of the garage. Despite initial suspicions, no foul play has been detected by first responders.

In light of the devastating incident, the American Red Cross was contacted to provide assistance

The fire remains ongoing, with authorities diligently working to ascertain the details surrounding the tragic event.