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Ohio House Passes Bill to Broaden Renewable Energy Tax Credit


COLUMBUS – Last week, the Ohio House of Representatives gave the green light to House Bill 264, marking a significant step toward expanding the scope of facilities eligible for the Renewable Energy Tax Credit within the state. The announcement was made by State Rep. Mark Johnson (R-Chillicothe), who sponsored the bill in collaboration with State Rep. Justin Pizzulli (R-Scioto County).

The legislation aims to widen the eligibility criteria for the Renewable Energy Tax Credit to include facilities that generate energy from steam recovered from waste heat.

Representative Johnson underscored the potential impact of the bill, stating, “This tax credit will help support local jobs and incentivize using a clean source of energy. Whether you are interested in protecting the environment, keeping our industrial facilities competitive, or ensuring that American steel remains the standard, this is commonsense legislation that is good for everyone.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Representative Pizzulli emphasized the importance of promoting sustainable industrial practices. “By expanding this tax credit, we incentivize more industries to harness and repurpose what would otherwise be wasted energy,” he remarked during the session. “This legislation promotes sustainable industrial practices that bolster our economy and protect our environment.”

Inspired by SunCoke Energy, an industrial facility located in Representative Pizzulli’s district, the bill seeks to reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources and propel the expansion of clean energy initiatives across Ohio.

With the passage of House Bill 264 in the Ohio House of Representatives, the legislation now moves to the Ohio Senate for further consideration and deliberation.