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Puppy Overload! Ross County Humane Society Has too Many Puppies and its a Problem


ROSS – Ross County Humane Society is reporting that they have a puppy boom in the county and that’s a problem.

According to Ross County Humane Society, a puppy boom has happened over the last 8 weeks and it’s concerning.

“This year alone we have taken in over FIFTY (50) litters of unplanned/wanted puppies. We have a serious problem with unsterilized pets in our area and we feel like it is getting worse. The shelter currently has 53 puppies who are under the age of 8 weeks in foster homes in our program. Fifty-three puppies is a LOT of puppies and all of them have come from our county,” said Ross County Humane Society.

The society says that they found 16 puppies yesterday in a blue tote outside of the Dollar Store on route 50 near Veteran’s Parkway. The puppies were only 3 weeks old and overheated but are doing well, but they really need their mom.

Society is asking for help in getting info on the abandoned puppies and wants to help the community in getting these animals spay/neutered so this problem doesn’t perpetuate.

“We are currently working on a $10 spay/neuter event for families who need financial help with spay/neuter surgeries. We will be posting the date and sign up information in a couple of days. The clinic will include free microchip for every dog that signs up.”

The society is also asking for help with the dogs and puppies they currently have,

If you’d like to sponsor any of those items you can do so by donating here ➡https://www.rosscountyhumanesociety.org/donate/ or by calling 740-775-6808 to donate with credit card over the phone,. Flea and tick treatment – $10 per dogVaccines (DHLPP, Bordatella, Rabies) $25 per dogIf you have any information about the 16 puppies or who may have owned them and where the mom(s) are please reach out to the shelter at 740-775-6808.