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Pumpkin Show Will Make Final Decisions on any Closures to Indoor Events Tomorrow


CIRCLEVILLE – The Pumpkin Show will be held on the third week of October as planned, but some indoor items will be brought to the table tomorrow for final approval.

According to Barry Keller Circleville Pumpkin Show vice president, the open-air outside event will go on as planned, saying that if Ohio State can have football stadiums full of people we can have the Pumpkin show.

What may be modified or closed this year is the events, and shows that are inside inclosed places

According to the Department of Health:

• At indoor events with fixed seating, consider limiting the number of individuals to allow for groups of 10 or fewer
people and 6 feet of social distancing between groups for those who may not be fully vaccinated.*
• Consider maximizing ventilation, including opening doors and windows, and employing filtration of MERV 13 or higher.

When possible, consider asking participants, spectators, and judges to maintain a distance of 6 feet or more if they are not fully vaccinated.*

• Consider giving viewing priority to family members of participants.
• Consider asking families to sit together in the viewing area if not fully vaccinated*, with 6 feet between families.
• Consider sanitizing microphones after each speaker/user.
• Consider options for virtual participation in exhibitions, competitions, and auctions

A meeting tomorrow will determine the changes that could be possibly made. We will update you after the meeting for any changes to the 2021 Pumpkin show.