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Pumpkin Show Parking, Where is the Good Parking At?


CIRCLEVILLE – We all know and love Pumpkin Show here in Cirlceville Ohio but we also know how hard it is to find good parking and get around in our little town this time of year. Here’s a list that we have gathers plus Pumpkin Show inc. Barry Keller suggested.

SOUTH: Pickaway Area Rural Transit (PICCA) the PICCA bus will be located at 818 Tarlton Road and they are well equipped to handle handicapped and wheelchairs. The parking lot at the AMVETS is located south of Circleville and is a easy lot to get into without hassle. You will park in that parking lot and the PICCA bus will transport to and from the Pumpkin Show at the corner of Mound and Pickaway Street. They will operate the hours of Pumpkin Show daily.


Cost is 5 dollars for transport and parking back and forth as many times as needed. This is a highly recommended park and ride for people with disabilities.

NORTH: Northern Parking is on the North Court Street exit off US 23 before downtown Circleville. This is also a shuttle service and is 100% free. The location of the parking is 2375 North Court Street. This service will operate from Thursday and Friday from 4 to 10 PM and Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM.

I am not 100% sure if they can handle wheelchair and disabilites

EAST: Another shuttle service will operate at the OCU Christian university located at 1476 Lancaster Pike in Circleville this location is on US 22 common in from Lancaster. The cost is also 5 dollars for shuttle and parking both. Schedule is Wednesday from Noon – 10 PM. Thursday from 10 AM to 10 PM, Friday from 8 AM to 10 PM and Saturday from 8 AM to 10 PM.

DOWNTOWN WEST: Haven House is located close to the pumpkin show downtown and parking will be available all week and is probably one of the closest parking lots available. 10 dollars is parking all day and proceeds go towards the Haven House of Pickaway County a non-profit to help women from domestic violence.

This parking will be accessible from the Downtown US 23 exit and then left on Island road.

Cargill is also right beside the Pumpkin show, (Thats the grain tower you can see from US 23) they let local groups park cars there also.

DOWNTOWN NORTH: Ted Lewis Park will be taken over by multiple local non-profit groups. The park is located off North Court Street just north of Pumpkin Show.

DOWNTOWN SOUTH: Everts Middle school located on South Court Street, South of Pumpkin show will also have parking lot parking.