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Pumpkin Park is Has Changed into Christmas Park Overnight!


CIRCLEVILLE – The New Pumpkin Park will be utilized in the first tree lighting in Circleville this year.  Yesterday November 28th local groups put together the decor for the park and Rhoads farm market brought in the tree for donation.  Heres the video interview from yesterday that I did live.  Check it out!

Here is a video I shot last night durning the snow and after set up.


Rhoades Farm Market is slated to be the donor of the very first tree to Circleville’s inaugural Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. As per the submitted photo, the tree is slated to be extremely impressive, situated at the new Pumpkin Park in downtown Circleville. The City of Circleville along with the DBA, Uptown Downtown, Pickaway Chamber of Commerce, and The Circleville Pumpkin Show, will be hosting the aforementioned inaugural Circleville Christmas Tree Lighting, “Santa in the Park.”


The event’s meet and greet will take place in the new Pumpkin Park in downtown Circleville. According to Chamber of Commerce, they will have cookies, hot chocolate, free pics with Santa, a tree lighting and local music with possible caroling. They will have about 10-12 of the lights used in previous years at OCU at the park, along with the tree lighting ceremony.

According to Amy Elsea President Pickaway County Chamber of Commerce, they will be dedicating the Christmas tree and lighting ceremony in honor of John Seyfang, of Seyfang Electrical Services. The Seyfangs passed away tragically last summer and according to Elsea, “John Seyfang called me a couple of years ago really wanting to do a community Christmas tree/lighting in downtown. The two of us couldn’t really get any traction with it and the idea just went away. When Don Mclroy Circleville Mayor mentioned it this year, I thought I’d reach out to John’s kids to see if they had any interest in making this year/tree in memory of John and Jody Seyfang.”

The event is planned for December 2, 2018 at the downtown Pumpkin Park located at 102 Court Street Circleville from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. Pumpkin Park was recently completed just before Pumpkin Show, some scrutiny came on Pumpkin Show Inc. about use of the park for the year-round event and not just for one week a year. This is the second major event that has happened in the new park in less than a month of its ribbon cutting other than Pumpkin Show events.