Home News Police Department Warns of Violin Playing Parking Lot Scam

Police Department Warns of Violin Playing Parking Lot Scam


US – Parking lots all of American have reported a interesting scam that has been going on, that seems to be somewhat successful. Police now warn that you may not be getting exactly what you think you are.

According to the Barboursville Police Department if you see a “violin” player playing karaoke style music in a shopping center parking lot with a Venmo money request to pay rent or buy food with children in the background to play on your emotions, please know this is a nationwide traveling scam. (Google or YouTube for some interesting information). Of course you are free to do what you want with your hard earned money, but wisdom is the best investment.

We went to google and searched for the traveling scam as the police department suggested and found hundreds of reports of people fake playing violins in parking lots doing exactly what was suggested above.

As the police suggested in their statement, you can do whatever you wish with your money, as this type of set up isn’t exactly illegal.