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Police Bust Suspected Drug Operation Following Traffic Stop


In a significant development for law enforcement in Chillicothe, Chance Blankenship initiated a traffic stop on a White Chevy Silverado on April 12th, 2024, with further investigations underway.

According to the supplemental narrative provided by Blankenship, the incident unfolded while he was patrolling W Water Street. Observing the vehicle leaving an area suspected of illegal narcotics activity, Blankenship trailed the White Chevy Silverado as it turned onto N Paint Street. Behind the wheel was Christopher Crabtree, a known individual with a suspended license due to prior offenses.

Upon noticing Crabtree’s failure to signal a lane change, Blankenship moved in to execute the traffic stop near the intersection of W 7th and Mechanic Street. With the vehicle halted, Blankenship approached and identified both Crabtree and his passenger, Brooke Beatty, running their details through LEADS.

Dispatch confirmed active warrants for both individuals, alongside Crabtree’s suspended license. Beatty was then escorted out of the vehicle and placed in handcuffs, with Officer Davis joining to assist. A subsequent search yielded no evidence.

Following Beatty’s detainment, Blankenship turned his attention to Crabtree, who complied with requests to exit the vehicle. A search revealed drug paraphernalia concealed on his person, leading to his arrest.

Subsequent searches of the vehicle, assisted by Officer Davis, uncovered additional drug-related items. Eitel’s Towing was called to transport the vehicle, with Blankenship proceeding to issue warrants and citations.

Crabtree faces charges including criminal trespass and drug paraphernalia possession, while Beatty was booked for possession of drugs based on a secret indictment from the Ross County Sheriff’s Office. Additional charges may follow pending lab results.

Upon arrival at the Chillicothe Police Department, Blankenship documented seized evidence and estimated the weight of confiscated substances. The incident marks a significant breakthrough in efforts to combat illegal drug activity in the area, with law enforcement poised to take further action pending the outcome of ongoing investigations.