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A Day in History Bingman’s Drug Store Bombing Circleville Ohio April 15, 1967


CIRCLEVILLE – In the quiet afternoon of April 15th, 1967, the tranquility of Circleville was shattered by a bomb explosion that tore through Bingman’s Drug Store, forever altering the course of the town’s history and leaving its residents reeling from the devastation. Tahrea Maynard recounts the harrowing events of that fateful day, shedding light on the tragic loss of lives and the scars left behind.

The perpetrator behind this heinous act was identified as Lee Holbrook, described as a man consumed by jealousy and violence. Witnesses recalled Holbrook’s chilling entrance into the pharmacy, brandishing a smoking box and warning patrons and staff to flee. Prior to his arrival, Holbrook had been observed at Eshelman’s Feed Mill, constructing a mysterious wooden box, before unleashing his fury at his estranged wife’s home, where he attempted a deadly assault.

The tragic outcome of Holbrook’s rampage claimed the lives of five individuals, including himself, leaving a trail of sorrow and destruction in its wake. Among the victims were store owner Charlie Schieber and pharmacist Ted Foster, who bravely confronted Holbrook in a futile attempt to thwart the disaster.

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The bombing not only claimed lives but also obliterated Bingman’s Drug Store, erasing it from the fabric of Main Street and leaving an indelible mark on the community. The loss of cherished members of the community, including Martha “Mart” Lagore and Francis “Pam” Willison, resonates deeply as Circleville reflects on this somber anniversary.

As the town mourns the lives lost, Tahrea Maynard’s poignant reflection serves as a solemn reminder of the tragedy that befell Circleville. On this 52nd anniversary, the community is urged to honor the memory of the victims and pay tribute to their enduring legacy.

The names of those lost in the bombing echo through the ages:

  • Charles Scheiber, 48
  • Ted Foster, 38
  • Martha “Mart” Lagore, 45
  • Francis “Pam” Willison, 36
  • Lee Holbrook, 40

For those seeking further insight into this dark chapter of Circleville’s history, Joni Foster’s book, “When Normal Blew Up,” offers a poignant exploration of the event and its profound impact on the families involved. Additionally, a Facebook page dedicated to preserving the memory of Bingman’s Drug Store provides a platform for remembrance and reflection.

As Circleville pauses to remember the lives lost and the wounds that still linger, the community stands united in solidarity, honoring the resilience of those who endured unimaginable loss on that tragic day.