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Crews clean gas spill at Auto Zone


Trish Bennett, Editor

Emergency crews and city service workers clean up a gasoline spill at Auto Zone on Monday.

CIRCLEVILLE – A leaky gas tank caused a haz-mat situation Monday in the parking lot at Auto Zone on West Mound Street.

According to Lt. Arron Kerns, Circleville Fire Department, a Waverly man had stopped to get gas at the Pilot station south of town Monday and was headed northbound for Canton when the incident occurred.

Kerns said the fuel tank on the driver’s pickup truck partially fell off the vehicle, and it dragged on the ground while he drove, puncturing the tank.

The incident caused about 25 gallons of gasoline to be leaked onto the ground in the Auto Zone parking lot, and crews worked to keep it from running into the storm drain.

Kerns said the Circleville engine didn’t have enough drying material on board to effectively clean the spill, so they requested mutual aid from the haz-mat team from the Scioto Township Fire Department to assist. The gas tank was secured and the leaks were plugged with putty so the vehicle could be safely towed away.

David Conrad, director of the Pickaway County Emergency Management Agency, also responded to the scene and provided photos and information from the scene to the Ohio EPA. He said the situation was minor and did not require EPA intervention, but they did like to be notified of incidents when they occur.

Members of the Circleville service department also responded to the scene to help clean and remove the spill.

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal